Family Photography Basics

family photographerOne avenue that you should take a look at as an enterprising new professional photographer is the niche of family photography. Although family photography may not sound like a hot and trending niche to get into, there will always be times and instances wherein you will be asked if it is a kind of style that you are willing to cover as a professional photographer. As an entrepreneur in general, for as long as it is a kind of enterprise or endeavor that you would like to pull off throughout the duration of your career, you should never turn down any opportunity to go ahead and generate some kind of income at some point or so.

This is the kind of think that you will need to really work on the entire time that you are practicing as a business savvy and professional photographer. If you are a bit wary about the concept of family photography, you can rest easy in the fact that it isn’t really all that different from the other photography niches out there. Although there are some tips that can definitely make your life so much easier and make your job so much faster if you do have any plans of getting into family photography somewhere in your career as a photographer.

Talk to the family ahead of time, and opt for more than just the parents.

You will be dealing with the kids as well in family photography. Treat them equally. Of course, you will be dealing more with the parents and listening more to them since they are the ones that will be footing the bill for as for as your professional family photography services are concerned but then again, it pays when you make each and every member of the family feel valued and important as well. The thing with family photography is that it can be quite tricky to know for sure what each and every family’s personality might might be. Some are more patient than most. Some are quirky. Some are fairly conservative. And then there are some that might be a little outspoken. As a family photographer in London, you need to make sure that you are flexible enough to deal with whatever will be coming your way. Try to be adaptable in the best way you possibly can and work with whatever if being handed to you right at that moment. When you are flexible enough to deal with various personalities all at the same time, then you know for sure that you really do have a future in family photography.

Keep the family photography shoot short as much as possible.

Be efficient in the way that you handle your tasks during the family photography shoot. There will most likely be children involved and they are not the most patient clients out there so this is another thing that you should be quite well aware of as a family photographer. Set the place up in advance and come up with a planned list of shots if you can. This will get to save you a lot of time.

Wedding Photography 101

wedding photographyOne thing that people don’t really pay attention to all that much in wedding photography is the aspect of dressing well. As a wedding photographer Lake District, people expect you to dress well for the event because of the mere fact that you are there to get a job done. You certainly shouldn’t show up at the office in a pair of shorts and an T-shirt with vulgar wordings written across it, should you? Think of it that way. A wedding photography shoot should be just like any other day in the office. You should look sharp and professional while you are at it. Although you may not be all that keen on dressing up, you should make it a point to at least go ahead and exert the right amount of effort into it as much as possible. Do not show up at the wedding event looking shabby and looking as if you just rolled out of bed. The way that you dress up at a wedding event is a blazing business card that will call out to other potential clients who may be attending there as guests.


You are going to be wearing those shoes for at least 6 hours or more. All throughout that time, you will mostly be standing up, crouching down, or just downright running around. The job of a wedding photographer is easily one of the most physically challenging ones out there and this is something that you should seriously allow to sink in while you are at it. Sure, those pair of heels would have looked good on you if you will be attending the wedding as a guest but then again, you will not be there as a guest. You will be the expert in wedding photography who is staying out of side as much as possible and who will be caught up in all of those crazy looking positions the entire time that you are there. You don’t always have to go for a pair of shoes that look ugly or anything like that. There are tons of shoe options out there that look good and feel great on the feet at the same time.

Level of formality

Try to find out what kind of dress code the clients are requesting from the guests during the wedding. This is something that will turn out to guide you well enough in your journey when you are shooting the wedding. Dress up like how the guests are dressed up because this can turn out to be the most effective way of camouflaging yourself while you are weaving in and out of crowds.


You can always accessorize and add your own flair to things if you are into those kind of things. Just make sure that you get to keep it on the down low and that you don’t end up overdoing things the entire time that you are there. Go for single statement pieces such as interesting cuff links or brooches. Try to go for something that is simple but interesting enough for people to remember you by.

How To Prep Up As A Wedding Photographer

Ask the bride ahead of time for a go-to person so that you don’t have to worry about your wedding photographer sign offs.

wedidng photographyThe reality is that even if you would like to be able to go ahead and constantly keep in touch with the bride for any sign offs that you might need to make during the wedding, that might not always be on the table when it all comes down to it and that is something that you need to prepare ahead of time for if you would like your coverage to go through without so much as a hitch. You need to make sure that you get to have a proxy or some other person stand in for the bride to make her decisions for her and for you to constantly consult with if you want the coverage to be a success. Talk to the bride ahead of time. Perhaps she would like to appoint her maid of honor or someone who is fairly close to her to get in touch with you especially during the moments wherein it would be next to impossible for you to get in touch with the bride when it all comes down to it. Always get things like these checked out the right way and always make sure that you are able to get it done. This is not something that the bride will be able to anticipate which is why you should proactively bring this to the attention of the bride at the end of the day.

A roll of sticky tape can get you out of a tight situation as a wedding photographer.

Weddings come in with so many different fashion mishaps as well. One thing that can turn out to be a quick fix for most, if not all of them, would have to be the aspect of bringing a sticky tape along with you during the event. There will always be someone’s sleeves unraveling one way or the other and this is something that can impede you from the tasks that you need to pull through with as a professional photographer. You need quick fixes like these one way or the other so that you will be able to make sure that nothing or no one stands in the way of your schedules and of your itinerary when it all comes down to it.

Live in the moment.

Although you might have your itinerary list of shots tucked neatly under your arm, you should not lose sight of all of the other beautiful possibilities that might come along somewhere along the way. Make it a point to keep your sights on the here and now as well. There will be unplanned moments popping up here and there and although they may be unplanned, they are still just as picture worthy as your planned shots. You need to make sure that as a professional Edinburgh wedding photographer, you get to think in your feet all of the time and you get to notice them as they come along.

What To Learn From Sites Like

wedding photographerAs a starter photographer blogger, it would be best if you try to learn from the other more established blog sites out there such as The key there is for you to draw inspiration from those sites instead of just downright being a copy cat. Do not be lazy. Make it a point to actually read through the content that you have access to and try to go ahead and draw your own conclusions from it.


The moment that you start working on writing up your content, you will at least have a bit of an idea about how things are supposed to pan out for you and for the blog entries that you are trying to come up with when it all comes down to it. Do not be complacent. You have to understand that if you are going to have a fighting shot at this, it would have to be your very best and nothing less will ever suffice. The wedding photography industry is quite cutthroat in terms of competition. The dipping pool is getting more and more crowded every single day. If you would like to have a sip at some point or so, you need to really fight your way through it and it all starts with the amount of time, effort, and thought that you are able to put into your blog entries. You might not be an accomplished writer but you can always get there for as long as you are willing enough to practice on it. You will eventually be able to get the hang of things for as long as you are able to work things out the right way.

Review how other sites compose the titles of the blog entries.

They usually have a fairly simple and straightforward formula for it. The title should be kept clean and simple all of the time. An overly wordy and lengthy title might turn out to be a little too much on the SEO side of things and it might not work as much for the optimization of your blog entries.

Keep it clean and simple.

Ideally, especially if you are trying to go ahead and write up a wedding feature, try to go with the bare and basic minimum for the blog details. Check out the names of the couple, the date of the wedding, the actual location, and maybe your name or brand name as a wedding photographer. Anything more than that might turn out to be a little too much at the end of the day and you should try to go ahead and avoid being too flowing and convoluted with the words that you are using or that you are putting up for the title of your blog. This is a formula that has already been tried and tested for the longest time running. Try to adhere to it and try not to deviate from it as much as possible.

In order for you to fully optimize your blog, the only secret to observe is the fact that there is no secret. Make it a point to constantly supply your blog with high quality and original entries.

Family Photo Shoot Facts to Keep Tabs Of

Pay attention to all of the members of the family when you are planning out the family photo shoot.

family photo shootAlthough the parents are your main clients, you will still need to work with the less authoritative members of the team as well. You will not only be dealing with the parents when you are organizing or when you are orchestrating a family photo shoot. You will also be dealing with the children. Children are a little harder to deal with, especially if you have not really gotten any experience whatsoever in getting things like these checked out or when you have not really dealt with children before in the past. They are moody. They are quite easy to lose focus. They have extremely short attention spans. If you are not extra patient and if you do not really have all of the right guiding principles to help you out and to help you plan things out as you go on. Make it a point to really exert the effort in letting each and every single member of the family feel important. They each have something to bring to the table and contribute to the family photo shoot, after all. It would be so much better if you are able to make them feel as such. They will most likely cooperate better, knowing that they are coming together for a good purpose.

Build rapport.

Try to strike and build rapport with the family as much as possible all throughout the time that you are holding out the family photo shoot. Keep the family engaged and entertained all throughout the family photo shoot. If you can incorporate light hearted talk and even appropriate enough jokes every now and then, by all means, you should go ahead and do so. This is to ensure that you have something that is easy to work with. Be amicable and approachable during the family photo shoot. It is fairly easy for people to find you a bit intimidating at first but for as long as you are willing to bridge that gap and to really reach out and connect to them and with them, then you should be able to go through with your tasks and responsibilities as a family photographer just fine in the end of it all. Talk to them about concepts and poses that they would like to try out and be genuinely interested in entertaining their ideas. When you have inputs coming in from different sources all at one, you end up with more than enough to come up with a truly unique and striking family photo shoot at the end of the day.

Keep the family photo shoot short and sweet.

This is a family. There will be siblings bickering somewhere in the background. There will be old people getting grumpy and uncomfortable. There will be babies crying because they are either sleepy or hungry. There are just too many things happening all at once. Work efficiently and do your clients a favor by not delaying a moment longer.

How to Handle Clients Like a Pro Wedding Photographer

Listen first

wedding photographyAlways listen to what they have to say first and understand what it is that they would like you to do as a  wedding photographer before you start throwing in suggestions. The long and short of it is that as a wedding photographer, you are technically a hired hand, although at a much higher level of course, because what you are providing for your clients are a set of highly specialized skills and products that come out of those skills. Still, you should understand the gist of the whole situation.

You should always  put what the clients want and need front and center all of the time in order for you to be able to do your job successfully. You can produce the most breathtaking photos out there but all of those efforts will be useless and pointless if your clients walk out of the entire agreement feeling dissatisfied and disappointed with what you are giving out to them in the end of it all. Listen intently before you start forming creative ideas of your own. It’s possible that they already have a certain vision for how the wedding photography coverage should pan out and it is all a matter of relying on you for the execution of it.

Be sensible and assertive.

And when you do start throwing in suggestions, make sure that it is sensible and assertive enough for the clients to seriously consider it but you always leave the last say to them, given that they are the clients and you are their wedding photographer. This is where a good play on words can really come in handy for you and for what you are trying to pull off as a professional wedding photographer. Your ultimate goal should be to put in the inputs that you would like to bring in and have your clients buy it and like it so much that they will walk off of the discussion thinking that it was their own. As a visual artist, this is what you do for a living and this is what you specialize in. however, you cannot refute the fact that you are mainly limited to what your clients allow you to do as a wedding photographer in their wedding. You need to respect that and to observe that at all times while you are at it.

Be tactful

Be tactful in what you are saying without having a need to sugarcoat things while you are at it. It will make things so much simpler for you to go through with as a wedding photographer. When you sugarcoat things and don’t opt to give it to your clients straight, you run the risk of putting something in that might eventually come back to bite you in the derriere and that is the kind of thing that you should be quite keen in avoiding all the time if you can help it. You can’t afford minor mistakes of minor slips like that because it can easily ruin your reputation as a wedding photographer York.

Take a Breather Every Now and Then as a Wedding Photographer

Be alert and think on your feet all of the time.

Although you will be required to always be alert and to always be able to think on your feet all of the time as a professional wedding photographer, this doesn’t mean that you will have to tire yourself out all of the time even over things that don’t necessarily need the kind of focus and attention that the more important moments during the wedding usually require. This is where smart working technically comes in. As a wedding photographer, you need to remind yourself all of the time that you need to work smart; you will not necessarily be required to work hard all of the time. This may be a challenging feat to accomplish in the beginning especially while you are still trying to find your way as a new professional wedding photographer Cheshire but this is something that you will be able to more or less figure out and work with over time.

Identify the key moments

There are a few pointers for you to take note of every now and then but if you don’t end up getting everything all in one go, there is no need for you to stress yourself out too much over it. All that you will really need to do is for you to make sure you get to identify the key moments that you will need to make sure that you are able to pay attention to as a wedding photographer and focus on those as much as possible. If you have had experience in being able to assist with other more experienced or more seasoned wedding photographers, these are things that you will know how to navigate one way or the other.

Save your energy.

You don’t have to be crouched down right behind the lens of your camera all of the time whenever you are shooting weddings as the official wedding photographer. It doesn’t really always have to be like that all of the time. You need to save yourself as well as your energies for the rest of the other more important parts of the wedding. As much as you would like to be able to bring in 100% all throughout the wedding, this isn’t really possible because of the fact that weddings usually last a long time. What this means is that you will stationed and positioned there for hours and hours on end and given the fact that you are but human and that you have physical limitations, then you really need to focus on all of the right things instead of being all over the place when it all comes down to it.

Take note of the moments wherein you should be taking a breather during the wedding.

Not all moments during the wedding are picture worthy, after all. One prime example is when people are trying to eat. They will not really appreciate the fact that you are taking pictures of them while they are shoving spoonfuls of food in their mouths. More than that, no one will like looking at pictures like those anyway. You might as well take this time to put your camera down, rest up for a bit, maybe eat a little, and recharge yourself as well as your energies for the next important moments that are about to go down during the wedding party.

Basics in Setting Up a Photobooth Hire

photo booth hireIf you are always on the lookout for a really great income source or alternative, then perhaps you should check out the possibilities of starting a photo booth hire service. What is so great about this is the fact that it doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer for a living or not. All that matters is that for as long as you get to have all of the right equipment and materials needed for the photo booth hire service, you should be able to start one as you go along. There are a few things that you need to know when you are setting up a photobooth hire service.

First up, make sure that you always put in all of the right time allowances for what you are trying to do.

Give yourself around 2 hours to set up your equipment before the event officially starts. You never really know when your gear will start acting up or when you might encounter some equipment failures somewhere along the way. It always helps out a lot if you have some kind of time allowance so that you can still go ahead and troubleshoot any problems that you might encounter and so that you will not end up delaying the event that you are supposed to cover in the first place.

Aside from the actual set up, you need to make sure that you put in a few practice shots as well.

You need to make sure that the kind of lighting in the venue or in the place that you are setting up in is something that matches well with the settings in your equipment. A photo booth hire service needs to make the clients look great in the photos that are being taken. Lighting is a big factor when it comes to things like those and that is the main reason why you really need to pay attention at the end of the day.

Call the event organizers or your clients ahead of time.

You never really know when there are any last minute changes. You should take it upon yourself as the photo booth hire operator to exert the efforts of always finding about about the changes. Your initiative and your willingness to work with your clients and to deal with whatever changes you might encounter somewhere along the way speaks volumes about your work ethics. It will help you out a lot especially when you are still in the process of building up your brand and of working things out as you go along.

Try to be flexible and try to adapt to whatever situation is being handed out to you.

Deal with things coolly and calculate everything before you react. As a photo booth hire operator, you are required and expected to act professionally at all times, whether there are any major changes in the event that can affect you or not. Be ready and always be on the lookout for the things that you need to take care of and be two steps ahead of the game at all times.

Getting Started With Photography SEO

Photography SEO basics

photography tipsThe basics of photography SEO may initially sound like a particularly difficult topic for you to wrap your head around but the principles that come along with it area actually fairly easy to understand if you really put your mind into it at the end of the day. Getting started has always been the hardest part for most of the professional photographers out there but once you have put in the first foot in the proverbial dipping pool, the rest should come fairly easily. At its core, photography SEO is basically making your photography website appear more frequently during people’s search results.

The more frequently your photography site shows up during the search results, the more traffic your website gains all throughout. This then, of course, translates to more people being able to check out your site and your online portfolio which can indirectly lead to getting more potential clients all throughout the process. You can’t really get as much exposure as you would like to get if no one even takes a look at your website in the first place so it really all starts with photography SEO and how you are able to rank compared to the rest of the millions and millions of other websites out there.

Website rank

One of the first basic tips in photography SEO is for you to always monitor how your website ranks compared to the others. When you constantly monitor where you are currently at, you get a better and a far clearer idea about whether your photography SEO efforts and techniques really are working or not. There are a lot of tools out there that will allow you to keep track of your ranking without too much trouble so look out for free tools such as Google toolbar and the like because they can be quite useful in the long run.

Another important thing to always check out as well as the referrer log because this is technically where you will be able to more or less source out where most of your website’s traffic are coming from as well as the common keywords they are using when they are hitting up certain searches. This will give you a pretty good idea about the most efficient and effective keywords for you to go ahead and bank on at the end of the day.


Make sure as well that you are strategic with the kind of keywords that you use as well as the amount of keywords used per article or per post that you go ahead and publish in your sites. Always make it a point to put them in your title pages, in your image names, and even in your content. The top search terms in your referrer tab should give you an idea about the kind of keywords that you should be including in your posts. Although it is nice to put in a good amount of keywords in your posts, be careful about the aspect of overdoing it because you might be tagged as a spammer and your posts might not get as much traction as you would like them to at the end of the day.

Camera and Lens Basics for Every Wedding Photographer

photography equipmentWhen it comes to the things that you will need to help start off a career as a professional wedding photographer, you should at least take a look at how the pros are doing it. That way, you don’t end up spending money on accessories that would have been put off for a later time when you have become a little more established and more financially substantial. What you need to understand when you are on the lookout for gear that you are about to purchase is that you should always start off with the basics.

Go with the equipment that every wedding photographer cannot work or live without when they are shooting weddings.

The bare minimum, as some people would call it. Sticking to the things that will turn out to be essential for you as a wedding photographer will not only be useful in terms of the amount of money that you will end up saving upfront, it will also be quite helpful in making sure that you don’t end up carrying around a bunch of stuff that you don’t necessarily need when it all comes down to it.

Bring along a main and backup cameras.

It all starts off with your main and backup cameras, of course. Actually, for most of the veteran wedding photographers out there, it should always be three, given that they usually have a second shooter and they always make sure that they have one unused camera somewhere in the background but if you think that this may turn out to be a little too much for your budget given that you are a new wedding photographer, then you can at least make do with two to begin with. You have to acknowledge the fact that there are so many things that can potentially go wrong in the shooting of a wedding and that already includes malfunctions with the equipment that you end up using. It will keep your worries at bay knowing that you have a spare camera somewhere in the background always ready to be swapped out in case your main or your primary camera conks out on you somewhere in the process.

Get a medium zoom lens.

Although you are encouraged to invest in a good variety of lenses, if you don’t really have the money for it just yet, a medium zoom lens is the perfect solution that you could opt for in the meantime. The reason why this is such a highly favored camera is mainly because of the fact that it has a particularly strategic focal lens length that can provide a wedding photographer Cardiff with both tight perspectives as well as wide perspectives as well. It is fairly versatile and it even has aperture that is wide enough that will allow you to perform well and still capture great pictures even when faced with the challenge of low light settings, which can be common for afternoon to evening weddings or even in wedding ceremonies that are set in the dark alleys of cathedrals and the like where lighting can turn out to be quite limited at the end of the day.

Wedding Photographer Tips for Memory Card Care

Pay attention to the way that you treat your memory cards.

wedding photographyAs a wedding photographer, your memory cards are the first things that your photo files are written on and they will be there with you all throughout the wedding. Even the most high end of cameras will be rendered useless if your memory cards end up getting damaged, lost or corrupted when you are shooting during the wedding and that is a really bad thing to have to go through with.

When memory cards are not maintained the right way, they tend to come across a lot of formatting and corruption issues and this is not something that you would want to happen to you especially when you are smack right in the middle of a main wedding event. You simply cannot afford to go through this kind of mishap and you need to make sure that you are able to put up all of the contingencies that you need to put up in order for your job as a professional wedding photographer to pan out as smoothly and as problem free as you would like it to when it all comes down to it.

First up, make sure that you have a special container solely for your memory cards.

Memory cards are pretty tiny and fragile. Throwing them in a camera bag with the rest of the other slightly bigger photography accessories such as lens kits and the like might end up damaging them in the process. A small plastic container similar to the cases that you stuff your CDs in should do well in keeping your memory cards safe all of the time and so that you will never have to worry about having to spend 5 minutes with your hand in your bag just trying to grope through for the memory cards that you brought along with you.

Keep it handy and keep it by your side all of the time.

There will be several instances wherein you will need to swap out a memory card for another one in your case because it’s already filled with image files, you should treat these with care. The moment that you lose the memory cards, you end up losing everything forever and that is something that can turn out to be possible law suit from your clients. You certainly don’t want to go through any of that especially if you are looking into being a wedding photographer for a long time.

Another maintenance needed for memory cards is in wiping the files off of them at the end of the day.

Constantly make a habit out of clearing the picture files off of the memory cards after every single use. That way, you will be able to minimize the times wherein the memory cards might get formatting issues while you are out shooting the wedding event as its north east wedding photographer. Take care of your memory cards and it will take care of you in return.

What You Really Need To Learn About Wedding Photography

Work on getting some kind of feedback from the rest of the other professional photographers that you may know in the niche of wedding photography.

wedding photography tipsThis may not be the easiest thing to deal with because there will be a lot of instances wherein your pride will get hurt somewhere along the way but this is something that you should brave and face as much as possible if you would like to become successful in your chosen field of wedding photography at some point or so. Talk to the people in the wedding photography community in your area and try to get some kind of feedback or reaction to the kind of work that you are able to produce. You can also do the same on blogs and websites but you need to prepare for trolls or people who don’t really care too much about you, your feelings, or the kind of progress that you will be able to make when it all comes down to it. It will be so much better if you are able to ask for some feedback from the people that you know and trust.

Try to look for people who are already well established in wedding photography.

Look for people who have really proven themselves and have made a name in wedding photography. Be open to what you are going to hear and don’t be too quick to take offense if you don’t end up liking what you hear. You need to go through with this process so that you will be made aware of what you need to work on or what you need to improve on in your skills in wedding photography. This is one of the most important things that you will need to tackle so it will be so much better if you will be able to face something like this full on and head on. Pay attention to what people are saying and try to take notes as much as possible.

Dress yourself well and carry yourself well during your wedding photography shoot.

Weddings are formal events and this means that you can’t just show up in your summer wear just because it is something that is convenient for you and just because you are a bit lazy to dress up. Although there really is no need for you to dress up in something black tie or in something that is equally grand and ostentatious, you should at least go through the motions of making yourself look decent and presentable. Try to pick an outfit that will more or less blend in with the rest of the crowd. The less that you are able to stand out, the better it will be for you and for the photos that you are trying to take for your abderdeen wedding photography shoot. Call the clients ahead of time to find out about the kind of dress code that they are requiring from their guests and try to see if this is something that you will be able to more or less accomplish as well when it all comes down to it.